«GC* «EST».

Flawless for over 20 years.
Over 200 Clients satisfied.
Over 900 successfully executed projects.
Project’s locations – over 70 cities of Russia.
Leading our clients in over 200 Shopping Malls and Business Centers»

*GC – group of companies and general contractor

Creating your business space as a full cycle project:

• Effective Site management – starting with the creative idea to the commissioning;

• Design and architectural solutions;

• Smart engineering solutions;

• Top performance of sophisticated finishing surfaces;

• Technical support and supervision during the Site commissioning and operation;

• Shell and core;

• Fit out.

Full spectrum approach and expertise:


Project’s team formation

The team selection from over 80 highly qualified project managers, architects, designers, engineers and builders according to the project specificities and goals.
Team members, properly certified and supervised by the Project Manager are working with their responsibilities within the international standards. All incoming requests are being efficiently and promptly processed.


Innovating your challenging projects with social responsibility

Building management system (BMS) on your project helps to create a safe, working in a resource-saving mode space, significantly optimizes operating costs and complies with international building eco-standards.
Approved by Nestle for compliance with the requirements of corporate social responsibility standards – audit in 2018 successfully passed.


Creating an ECO-friendly surrounding

Learning the ecological construction highest standards provided by American system LEED and British BREEAM the company’s employees are certified for “green” building, including resource saving and waste disposal, ensuring a clean and modern construction Site


Market safety, on schedule and within budget

Carefully following Client’s business needs, our project team helps to increase capital efficiencies by proposing cost-effective, innovative solutions to meet Client’s capital project requirements. Understanding the complexities of today’s competitive markets together with the Client we choose optimal budget saving solutions for the project with a clearly built suppliers’ resources management system and an exact logistic plan.


Specific features: License for the restoration of cultural heritage sites in Russian Federation by the Ministry of Culture

GC “EST” obtains the License for the restoration of cultural heritage sites in Russian Federation by the Ministry of Culture that gives a permission to perform works on the historically significant buildings. Even the most difficult sites, i.e. the monuments of cultural heritage, are carefully refurbished and adapted according to the Client’s needs.

Licenses and certificates

ISO 9001 Certificate


Leed and Breeam trainings


Certificate of conformity


Self-Regulatory Organization Notice


EMERCOM of Russia License


Self-Regulatory&Organization Certificate Design


Ministry of Culture License



сухов 2

Yaroslav Sukhov


“The most important thing about «GC «EST» for me is honesty and decency. No matter what we talk about: either the relations with our business partners or transparent planning of the necessary resources for the project execution. I believe it is extremely important to be responsible for the liabilities taken as a person and a Company.”


Anna Zuzina


 “The Company works when its employees work as a team. We are sure that we have created a team of qualified specialists. We teach employees accordingly with their individual plan: we improve their professional qualifications, giving them an opportunity to pass international certification as well as providing foreign language learning possibilities in order to enable them working with technical files and communicating with western colleagues”.

авдеев 2

Igor Avdeev

Head of Project Management

“Our Company works in construction project management. The Customer communicates directly with the project manager (supervisor) who combines all the components into a single structure, saving time, money and sometimes our business partners nerve cells”

равинская 2

Irina Ravinskaya


«The constant project management control together with the direct communication with the Customer on all stages of project execution is extremely important. There are several stages of construction Site control – on a level of the foreman, engineer and project manager. Thus provide effective and impressive results, even exceeding our Client’s expectations.”

колбунцов 3

Sergey Kolbuntsov


The basis for the success of our projects is the usage of safe and modern construction technologies, as well as highly qualified engineers of the “GC “EST” challenging us with the constant perfection of construction, installation and continuous professional development of the engineering-technical workers of the Company.

Ilya Magin

Head of Production
and Technical Department

«Working at the Site, above all, is being accurate following the technical conditions, technical task and special Clients technical terms. The work is performed according to the set of internal standards of the Company, city building codes and labor safety rules”

цейзер 2

Kirill Tseizer


«We’ve managed to build clear operating algorithms, many processes are automatized, including the work with contractors and suppliers. Such an approach guarantees the safety of an approved Clients budget. Our business partners stay satisfied with our cooperation financial results, that’s why they trust us their projects again and again”

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